Feelin’ Brazy Lyrics by Catharsis

I’ve been feeling brazy brazy all fucking day son
Going brazy brazy everyday son

I’ve been going brazy
Fucking all up everything
I’ve been going crazy
Cause you’re my everything

I’ve been going brazy
Jumping off everything
I’ve been going brazy brazy
Using on everything

Feeling on everything
(I’ve been going crazy son)
Feeling like a rockstar
(Ive been going)
In the paint
(Going on)
Fuck it I’m smoking some dank
(It’s been going)
Yeh yeh smoking some dank
(It’s been going on)
All up in the paint yeh yeh
(It’s been going)
All up in the paint
(It’s been going crazy)

Feelin’ Brazy Credits

Songwriting – Kyle West, Tristan Renaud
Electric Guitar – Kyle West
Synth – Kyle West
Addidtional Synth – Tristan Renaud
Drum Programming – Tristan Renaud
Vocals – Tristan Renaud
Background Vocals – Kyle West