On a Tight Schedule for Killing Ourselves Lyrics by Catharsis

Fingers locked behind my head
Barely breathing breathing breathing
Was once there but now I fled
Just fleeting fleeting fleeting
I feel my angst in my back
Just feeding feeding feeding
I feel the noose around my neck
I’m leaving leaving leaving

Don’t be sad when I’m gone
No grieving grieving grieving
I’ll be more then space and time
I’ll be weaving weaving weaving
Exited to see what is next
It’s healing healing healing
Elevate to something else
I’m beaming beaming beaming

On a Tight Schedule for Killing Ourselves Credits

Songwriting – Kyle West, Tristan Renaud
Electric Guitar – Kyle West
Synth – Tristan Renaud
Drum Programming – Tristan Renaud
Vocals – Tristan Renaud