In The Land Of Dust is the first effort of Catharsis band members Kyle West and Tristan Renaud.

It serves as a snapshot of the Cowichan Valley in which they have always resided. With not many activities for young creatives, it leaves much to be desired. With drugs and alcohol being extremely easy to get a hold of, patterns of trauma occur more then residents would like to admit.

While lots of people claim to have disdain for the Valley, very few of those people ever leave. Kyle and Tristan saw the uniqueness of their climate as an opportunity to make something special. An EP with a concept about drug-induced trauma and the relationship one may have with their homeland gives a vision to outsiders on what it feels like to be a young person in the Cowichan Valley.

Designed for deep listens with minimal yet concentrated lyrics and chaotic-at-times instrumentation, Catharsis sets up their opening statement with a bang.

Art Work – Chrome Destroyer